Welcome on the WAP-Remotecontrol installation page.

Here you find an overview about WAP-Remotecontrol and the necessary steps to install all things.



What is the WAP-Remotecontrol?

The WAP-Remotecontrol is a windows phone 7 app, with which you can remote control the Winamp® Player on Windows® computers. The remotecontrol works over the WLAN network.


For the first installation you need the test (trail) version of the Winphone 7 app only.

Only if all programs are installed and they are working well, buy the app from the marketplace.

In the trail version most functions are disabled.



System requirements

·        Windows® 7 or Vista® or XP SP3 (dotNet Framework 3.0 or higher)

·        WLAN access: PC<->WinPhone7

·        installed Winamp® Player Version 5.x or higher

·        installed httpQ Plugin for the Winamp® player.



Where can I download the programs?

Winamp® Player Click here

httpQ Plugin Click here (or choose: httpq_v3.1_win_installer.exe)



Installation steps:

·        Download the WAP-Remote app as test version(!!!) from the marketplace on your phone.

·        Download and install Winamp® Player (no special options are needed)

·        Download and install httpQ Plugin (no special options are needed)

·        Check the local connection on your computer (see below)

·        Check the phone connection to the computer (see below)

·        Note: Only if all programs are installed and are working well, buy the app from the marketplace. For installation you need the test version only.


Important: When you install the programs, start the installation with administrator rights.

Under Windows® 7 or Visa® use “right mouse” click “Start as Administrator”



httpQ Plugin Settings

After Winamp® and httpQ is installed check the network setting of the plugin.


Select: Option\Preferences (Cntrl-P)




Select: Plug-ins\General Purpose\Winamp httpQ Plugin v3.1


Click: “Configure selected plug-in”



Activate: “Start service automatically”

Click: Start

Click: IP Address and note all of the IPs you see.

Note: Don’t Change the Port and the default password. (Password: pass )

Click: OK. Now the httpQ server should run.



Connect the phone to the PC


·        Start the WAP-Remote app

·        Select “Edit Profiles” in the application bar.

·        Select one of the profiles, now you can edit it.



·        Change the profile name.

·        Now try all IPs you noted during the httpQ installation.

·        If the phone is connected to the PC, the status changes to OK.
The version number is displayed.

·        After the app is connected, press “Save” in the application bar.

·        Return to the main page (arrow left) and select the profile.

·        The playlist should be displayed.


If you see the playlist go back, navigate to the marketplace and buy the app.

All functions will be enabled.




If you cannot connect the phone to the pc, there can be many problems depending on your network or computer installation.


First off all check the local installation on the PC.

Open the internet explorer and type in:




The explorer should answer with a number like:



If not basic things do not work.

Then check the httpQ settings.


If you see the number, maybe the port is closed or you use a wrong IP (Subnet) or there is a proxy set.

To check this, you can download a test program: IPView (Click here to download)

Unpack the zip, copy the file in a directory and start the IPView.exe.

Click “Connect to Server” with all the IPS you can select.

Also you can open the specified port on the PC.

Retry it on the phone.


If the IPView program works, but the phone not, maybe a firewall blocks the phone or your WLAN router does not permit the communication between the devices. In this case you must ask your administrator or a friend to help you.




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